Need some help with commands?

Let's get you set up. Scroll down to see what kinds of commands Wellness offers.

Image commands

You can request many different kinds of images with Wellness, including bears, birds, cakes, cats, dogs, doughnuts, fishes, foxes, hedgehogs, koalas, monkeys, otters, owls, pandas, rabbits, sloths, and wolves.

To call for an image, use the following command:
- (server prefix)(image type) (username or mention)

- Replace the (server prefix) with your server's custom prefix. If there is no custom prefix, the default is a period.
- Replace the (image type) with the singular form of the image you want to get.
- Optionally, you may send an image to a person in your server instead of simply showing an image. You must either mention the person or use their username (not nickname) and they must not have blocked the bot or disabled images.

- .cat (returns a cat in the chat)
- .wolf me (directly message yourself a wolf picture)
- .dog cloud (sends a dog picture to the user "cloud")

Other commands

In addition to images, Wellness currently offers other commands:

- (server prefix)pfp (username or mention) returns the mentioned user's pfp.

- (server prefix)help links to this webpage.

- (server prefix)settings allows you to view and manage your server settings.

- (server prefix)remindme (time) (reminder) allows you to set reminders up to 30 days in advance. For units of time, type numbers followed by a single letter separated by spaces. For example: 5h 30m will set a reminder to go off in five and a half hours, while 7d will set one for seven days.

Still need more help or confused?

If you're unsure of how to use Wellness, email me or join my discord.