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Personal Settings

Direct Message Delivery

Wellness allows users to send each other pictures and memes. However, not everyone enjoys these DMs and some users may find it annoying. If that's the case, don't worry - blocking the bot isn't necessary. Direct Message Delivery can be disabled easily in settings, without stopping you from using the bot in servers as usual.

- Allow others to send you images (default): (server prefix)settings dms enable

- Disable others sending you images: (server prefix)settings dms disable

Command Deletion

By default, Wellness doesn't delete command messages after fulfilling them. However, if the user wants chat to be cleaner, they can enable Wellness to delete any commands that they run. This setting applies to all servers that Wellness and the user are in. Please note that this setting will show 'Not Available Here' if Wellness doesn't have the necessary permissions to delete messages on the server the command is run on, but the feature is enabled elsewhere.

- Disable command deletion (default): (server prefix)settings deletion disable

- Enable command deletion: (server prefix)settings deletion enable

Server Settings


The default prefix for Wellness is a period. However, this may cause some conflict on servers where other bots also respond to the same prefix. If you run into a situation where switching to another prefix may make it easier to use Wellness, you can change Wellness's prefix easily server-wide. Please note that new prefixes must have no spaces anywhere in them. By default, the prefix is a period.

- To change the prefix for this server: (current prefix)settings prefix (new prefix)

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If you're unsure of how to use Wellness, email me or join my discord.