It's here.

Wellness has been rewritten to be faster, more private, more intuitive to use, and fully up to date with Discord's new changes. To use it, just re-authorize the bot.

How do I upgrade?

Upgrading is easy! Simply re-authorize/re-add the bot to your server by going here and clicking "Add Wellness". You don't even need to kick the bot from your server or change access permissions to different channels.

Why should I re-authorize the bot?

This is required to add the "Add slash commands" permission. Wellness V2 uses slash commands to operate, and as such requires this permission. You may also notice however that Wellness V2 no longer requires the Manage Messages, Attach Files and Read Message History permissions.

Did you remove regular commands? Why?

Discord made two recent policy changes - starting in April 2022, they will require all bots to use slash commands for interactions, and they will not allow access to contents of messages. This decision was made to protect user privacy, and you can read more about it here, but in other words I had to make this change to allow Wellness to continue functioning.

For this reason, Wellness now exclusively uses the new slash command system. If you're unfamiliar, slash commands are a neat way to see all of your bots commands with one prefix: a slash (/). If you type a slash into the chatbox while on a discord server, you'll be able to see slash commands from any bot on the server that has them - including Wellness.

Will this new Wellness work exactly the same?

Not exactly. Since this version of Wellness was completely re-written to be lighter in addition to using the new system, many things are different on the backend. Some things couldn't work with the new system due to access restrictions, or how interactions physically work (for example, custom prefixes are not a thing, even if they could be implemented or were necessary). Some things are also new to this version of Wellness. However, the overwhelming majority of core functionality is still here, and Wellness slash commands work very similarly to other bots which have already implemented the system.

How do I remove Wellness V2 if I dislike it?

If you decide to remove Wellness after October 15th, open your server settings and find the page for "Integrations". This page allows you to remove Wellness from your server by clicking "Manage" and then clicking "Remove Integration". You may also be required to kick the bot separately. If you have feedback for how Wellness could be improved or what caused you to uninstall it, you're welcome to email it to me or contact me over Discord.