It's coming.

Scroll down to see what's in store for Wellness this fall.

More capabilities, and more health.

Wellness is branching out with more functionality. Get help lines, check-in reminders, at-risk alerts, and more in the newest update.

Lighter. Faster. Stronger.

Wellness is getting an overhaul internally. The new code promises to be lighter, more efficient, and more stable. That means Wellness can be online for longer. Plus, it's moving to a new host.

Fresh and easy to use design.

Wellness is getting a visual overhaul to make it more streamlined and even easier to set up. That makes Wellness easier to integrate into your server and easier for other members to learn how to use.


With the new update, Wellness will treat your personal information carefully, and you'll get new controls over who can see what commands you're using or send you media.


This update will roll out to all users for free (no subscription required) in the fall of 2021.
No action is required on your part.

Check back on this page or join Cloud Support for updates on Wellness.


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